We are long term foundation Sphynx breeders with knowledge and experience in the Sphynx breed. We are all in good standing with TICA and CFA organizations.

Some may feel that this is a controversial New Trait, but through perseverance and our ethics, we feel the Elf cat will be accepted by both TICA and CFA. We plan to take this New trait to full championship levels. Currently we are showing under the Sphynx breed in New Traits in TICA (The International Cat Association.)


We are open to working with others to promote this new look Sphynx/Elf. If you are seriously interested please contact us. We are looking for others of the Cat Fancy who would be interested in being a fore founder of the Elf cat.


 Our Elf Breeding Program


There is a new meow in town …and it goes by the name Elf cat. The excitement over this new look of the Sphynx is international; as two of the most personable, distinct species of cat are married together creating a cat that is different from each contributing foundation breed. When combined, there is no harm to the health or well-being of the resulting Elf cat.


Contributing foundation breeds include the Sphynx, known for its unique hairlessness and personality, and the American Curl, known for its signature curled ears. Permissible out-crosses include Domestic Short Hair, which is any cat belonging to Felis Domesticus not registered as a recognized breed. Elf cats have been researched, developed and founded by Karen Nelson from House of Falmari at www.elfcats.com . A strong foundation has been built utilizing many bloodlines from numerous Elf Foundry Breeders located in Arizona, California, New Jersey, Idaho, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina and Georgia.


The Elf cats most distinctive features are it’s hairlessness and curled ears. They are extremely intelligent, have a sturdy, athletic build, and are as loving and cuddly as lap dogs. Sociable and highly inquisitive, they love to be the center of attention.


Cat enthusiasts throughout the world are lining up, awaiting the arrival and availability of these incredible Elf cats. Currently being registered as an experimental New Trait with The International Cat Association (TICA), Elf cats are quickly catching the eyes of the Cat Fancy. Half Elfs resulting as non-standard kittens will be sold at prices in accordance to the respective out-crosses. Please welcome the return of the Elf into mans world…


Registrations: TICA


Health Testing and Guarantees


At Elf Cats, the health, well-being and longevity of our cats and kittens – and the ultimate satisfaction of our Elf kitten buyers is our first concern. Our Cats are tested for feline

diseases and are vaccinated and vet-checked on a regular basis. Kittens are vet-checked, vaccinated, wormed and come with a health certificate. We offer a comprehensive health guarantee, details of which are provided in our sales contract.


Requirements For Elf Kitten Buyers

We are looking for caring, responsible cat lovers who are able to provide a safe and happy forever home for their new Elf kitten. We like to keep in touch with our new kitten families after they take their precious Elf kitten home, and really enjoy receiving photos and updates, testimonials about our kitten as they grow in their forever homes. Thank you for your interest in our Elf kittens and Cats. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Elf Foundry Breeders Group are the Officially Approved Breeders by The International Cat Association (TICA), who have chosen to work in a group that work toward the development and betterment of the Elf cat.


The members of this foundry are held to the highest standards of care and ethics for this new trait Sphynx/Elf. This site only features content and photos from the Foundry Group. Please see our links to these officially approved breeders.